Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Thoughts For The Day

This was going to be a Facebook post, but I figured there were too many characters to fit. I thought about posting them so that they would show up with this one first: Thoughts of the Day. And then a procession of them posted individually as you scrolled down. I'd plan them all out to post in reverse order so you could scroll down and read them in the order I wanted you to. I thought that would have been very clever.

Instead I did it this way.

I had a lot of thoughts today that for a change I thought I'd write down and share. A bonus thought, even.

I'm just back from my run, all sweaty from the exertion and humidity. My shirt's off and in the washing machine. Please, in your mind, picture me fitter. Thank you.

"On Facebook," I was going to write, "sometimes I'm garrulous and sometimes over extended periods I'm very withdrawn." So today with all these thoughts, well, this little collection of thoughts, today I'm garrulous. But all in one place that I'll eventually link to a single Facebook post that no one will fucking read anyway, so.

My favourite quote of the day, made by me:

We were talking in the lunchroom at work about the U2 concert and I said, "But tell us the REAL measure of any concert, and that is how many public displays of nudity were there?" Because at the AC/DC concert girls would lift their tops whenever they saw themselves on camera (sad, really) but at the Eagles concert, there was only that one young girl as we were walking out who pressed her bare breast against the chain-link fence.

It occurred to me only then and I said out loud, "A bare breast in a chain-link fence is a breast far-removed from its preferred habitat."

I've added swimming to my fitness regime having now gone twice, count 'em TWICE! to swim in the lake to the other side and back, a total of 1km. Twice! Already I feel fitter, in my head if not in my body. I have built the unshakeable expectation that sometime around the middle of next week, my body will look exactly like Michael Phelps's.



Speaking of fitness, I was listening to Marc Maron's podcast. Lately I've completely abandoned all my music to listen exclusively to his podcasts while I run. Partly because all the runs now are long ones. He's talking to a guy who was talking about his first ever session with an analyst. I thought to myself, "I did that once, briefly" and then further wondered if I shouldn't start going again. Figure some things out. Then I thought, "No." What I need is a LIFE COACH. Not an analyst, a life coach. That's what I need!

(Gru says, "Light-bulb!")

After all, I wanted to run better and I joined the running room and got coached by my brother. I learned the most ever about curling for that brief period in high school when I had a coach. I wanted to play golf better so I took all those lessons.

So maybe I need to pay someone to be my life coach, hire a life coach. Get me out into the world and better involved in things, teach me to be social, expand my life beyond single dad and movies at home. How to get with people. How to do things not alone.

But on the other hand, I took all those golf lessons and I'm not the player I used to be. How many times have I been in the 80s lately? Not many. Before lessons? A lot.

My life coach needs to come with a guarantee.

Was there more?

No. I think that was it.

Maybe I should have posted a bare breast...

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